How to Connect with OpenVPN using CLI on Debian-based Linux

This guide will show you how to setup OpenVPN using CLI quickly and easily

STEP 1) Open your terminal window and install the OpenVPN package:

sudo apt install openvpn

STEP 2) Now change to the OpenVPN directory and download the config files:

cd /etc/openvpn
sudo wget

STEP 3) Unzip the downloaded config files:

sudo unzip

STEP 4) Move all files to /etc/openvpn/

sudo cp /etc/openvpn/OpenVPN-TCP/* /etc/openvpn/

STEP 5) Re-name the .ovpn config files to .conf, Example: server.ovpn to server.conf, run the bellow command to rename them all to .conf.

sudo rename -v 's/\.ovpn/\.conf/' *.ovpn

You may need to install the rename package, you can do that doing the following:

sudo apt install rename

STEP 6) Conenct to OpenVPN by running the below command on the config you wish to connect with:

sudo openvpn server.conf

This will prompt you to enter your TorGuard VPN Username and your TorGuard VPN Password - if you wish to save those to save you entering these each time, please check this guide here

The following image shows a successful connection:

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