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Why Use a Dedicated IP?

A Dedicated IP VPN provides a unique address exclusively for your use, ensuring you never share it with others. This exclusivity brings numerous benefits. Unlike shared VPN IPs that might enhance anonymity, a dedicated IP VPN enhances privacy across various scenarios.

For those engaging in online banking, emailing, or gaming, a shared IP might lead to account lockouts due to security flags. Furthermore, anonymous IPs can lead to restricted website access or mandatory captcha verifications. A dedicated IP VPN circumvents these issues by offering a singular IP address only accessible to you, streamlining your online interactions.

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Does a Dedicated IP VPN
Support Streaming?

Absolutely! If catching up on the latest TV shows is a must for you, then a dedicated IP VPN tailored for streaming is the perfect match. Streaming-focused dedicated IPs have become increasingly popular among our users, a trend we see continuing as the demand for and availability of online content escalates.

Similar to traditional dedicated IPs, our streaming-optimized dedicated IPs are uniquely assigned and not shared, ensuring seamless compatibility with major streaming services. These specialized IPs grant you access to geo-restricted content and platforms from the UK, the US, and beyond, simply by selecting a streaming IP located in your desired region.

A dedicated IP VPN for streaming transcends geographical limitations, allowing you to unlock streaming services and enjoy your favorite entertainment, sports, and gaming content from anywhere. Whether you're longing for the latest blockbuster or eager to support your team in the UK or Spain, a streaming dedicated IP ensures you never miss the action, making every spot feel like home.

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Dedicated Residential IP VPN

TorGuard takes pride in offering the most distinctive and tailored IP solution on the market with our Dedicated Residential IP VPN service. What sets this service apart is our exclusive access to legacy residential IPv4 blocks leased directly from major ISPs in both the US and UK. This strategic partnership allows us to provide you with a fresh residential IP address, making it appear as though you're accessing the internet right from the comfort of your home.

One of the standout benefits of utilizing a dedicated residential IP is the ability to bypass common internet nuisances like captchas. The authenticity of these IPs significantly reduces the chances of being blocked or challenged by websites, allowing for a smoother and more secure interaction with online services. This makes our Dedicated Residential IP VPN an ideal choice for those seeking to engage in online banking, shopping, or streaming without the hassle of constant verification prompts or access denials.

Whether you're looking to access geo-restricted content, ensure secure transactions, or simply browse without limitations, TorGuard's Dedicated Residential IP VPN offers the ultimate solution. Embrace the premium experience of a genuine residential connection, coupled with the advanced security and privacy features of a leading VPN provider. With TorGuard, you're not just another IP address; you're home.

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