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WireGuard is a brand new VPN protocol that offers cutting edge cryptography and blazing fast download speeds on any device. TorGuard offers WireGuard VPN connections on all servers and dedicated IP’s with built in app support for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. TorGuard has further hardened our WireGuard implementation to align with our privacy policy, so no user IP address, information or data is ever logged or stored server-side, keeping you anonymous when browsing the web.

WireGuard Utilizes All CPU Cores

WireGuard achieves record breaking VPN speed performance by multithreading all available CPU cores concurrently on any device. Because WireGuard can distribute the load evenly between not just one, but all CPU cores, your VPN speeds will be the same as if you had never turned the VPN on. This is a big speed advantage, especially for those running smaller end devices like mini VPN routers, smartphones and streaming sticks.

Get TorGuard + WireGuard

Do the ChaCha

TorGuard’s inapp WireGuard option uses encryption cipher ChaCha20 and Poly1305 for authentication, both of which are on the leading edge of cryptography and extremely secure. While AES is still considered just as cryptographically strong as ChaCha20, AES requires more computational resources at its disposal. ChaCha20 really shines on mobile devices with speed clocking in three times faster than AES-128-GCM. Less processor power devoted to decryption means faster web browsing and improved battery life.

Get TorGuard + WireGuard

WireGuard is Fast on Any Device

What do you get when you combine low overhead with cutting edge cryptography? You get maximum VPN speeds on any device and on any network. It does not matter if you are on 4G or Fiber, connecting from a powerful intel desktop or a smartphone – Wireguard will provide you with the fastest possible VPN speeds for that device and internet connection.

Get TorGuard + WireGuard

Why Choose TorGuard?

TorGuard gives you unlimited speeds and bandwidth for your iPhone. You can torrent, download apps, stream, game, and browser the internet securely with encryption without restrictions.

TorGuard's advanced Stealth VPN services let you bypass even the strictest firewalls on your iPhone. Whether you're at work, school, or in a censored country, you can be sure that TorGuard’s Stealth VPN feature will let you access the internet uncensored.

With over 3000+ Servers in 55+ Countries and more every year, TorGuard’s servers will give you fast speeds and consistent connections.

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