How to setup a SOCKS Proxy in uTorrent/BitTorrent On Windows

1. Start the uTorrent or BitTorrent application. Click the “Options” tab. Select “Preferences” and then the “Connection” tab on the left.

2. Choose the type of proxy as TorGuard default “SOCKS5.”

For the proxy field use:

- For VPN owners please set server to or (you can also use a specific proxy IP of choice from HERE)

- For Premium proxy plan set the server or the one you wish to use from the page here

Change the “Port” option to 1080 or 1085 or 1090 # Some ISP's by default block port 1080 (Such as comcast) so you may need to change to one of the others.

Click “Authentication” checkbox.

For username and password, be sure to enter your proxy username and proxy password you choosen at signup.

Check the following:

Use proxy for hostname Lookups
Use proxy for peer-to-peer connections

And check everything under "Proxy Privacy".

3. Click "Apply". Close your torrent client, restart it then your done!


If at any point you notice that torrents are downloading slow or come to a halt after some time, then please follow below:

Options --> Preferences --> Bandwidth --> "Disable the "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" option ( Under the Global Rate Limit Options subheading).

Then head to Options --> Preferences --> BitTorent --> "Uncheck the "Enable bandwidth mangemnet (uTP)" option.

Also uTorrent on the Mac has pretty much no UDP support through a SOCKS proxy, on the Mac we recommend you use Vuze unless your purely using HTTP based trackers

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