TorGuard DNS Leak Test

DNS leaks pose a great threat to your online privacy. Take a real-time DNS leak test to see if your DNS is leaking outside your VPN tunnel and if so, fix the problem now.

If you are trying to keep online activities anonymous and private with VPN service, it is extremely important that all traffic originating from your computer is routed through the VPN network. If any traffic leaks and goes out through the underlying connection, any entity monitoring your traffic will be able to log your activity. You need to know if the supposedly secure VPN connection you are using is actually DNS leak-free.

The Dynamic Name System (DNS) is used to point domain names to actual domain names, like This action normally takes place with your ISP, however when using a VPN service, the request should be sent through the VPN tunnel directly to your VPN provider’s DNS. If when running the DNS leak test you see any servers from your personal ISP, then you have a DNS leak.

At TorGuard we are happy to help our customers by sharing a free, safe, easy-to-use tool on this page to test if your VPN tunnel leaks DNS requests. Don’t allow unencrypted data to escape via a DNS leak. Run a free DNS test and find out if your IP address is secure. If the answer is no, consider our VPN service to boost your security and allow you the privacy you expect from a browser. We will provide you with IP addresses that can’t be traced and will allow you the privacy you need for your business or personal data.


After running the test, if any of your ISP or location information displays on the following page then you have a DNS leak. You will need to set static DNS. It is normal to see Google DNS or TorGuard DNS or OpenDNS servers on a test – this is not considered a leak.

Whether you’re online for business or pleasure, your information should be kept private from the government, marketers, and hackers. If you discover that your DNS is leaking on your private network, it should be cause for alarm. Your location identity and internet queries are not secure, and your systems may be compromised.

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