How to setup OpenVPN On Tomato with TorGuard (Newer Build)

This tutorial will guide you through setting up TorGuard VPN Service on a Tomato Router.

To begin, we assume your router has already been flashed with the latest version of tomato firmware. To Purchase a pre-flashed router already set up with your VPN account please visit the TorGuard store.

Step 1

Access your tomato router at the default IP which is usually:

Step 2

Select VPN tunnelling on the left-hand side under "USB and NAS" as per the image below.

Step 3

Select OpenVPN client in the sub-menu, fill out the fields :

Set Start with WAN Checked or Unchecked (Start VPN on boot)
Set Interface Type: TUN
Set Protocol: UDP or TCP, whichever works best for you, UDP may be blocked on some networks.
Set Server Address/Port: Server hostnames can be found here, set the port to 1912
Set Firewall to Automatic
Set Authorization Mode to TLS
Set Username/Password Authentication: Check and enter your TorGuard VPN Username and Password, if you are not sure of those you can change those here
Set Username Authen. Only to Checked
Set Extra-HMAC Authorization (tls-auth) to Outgoing (1)
Set Create NAT on tunnel to Checked

Step 4

Click the Advanced tab and set the options to match below:

Set Poll Interval to 0
Set Redirect Internet Traffic to Unchecked
Set Ignore Redirect Gateway to Unchecked
Set Accept DNS Configuration to Strict
Set Encryption Cipher to AES-128-CBC
Set compression to Disabled
Set TLS-Renegotiation Time to default -1
Set Connection Retry to default 30
Set Verify Server Certificate to Unchecked

Under Custom Configuration set the below lines:

auth SHA256
sndbuf 393216
rcvbuf 393216

Step 5

Now click the Keys tab, enter the TLS-AUTH Key into the Static Key box, then enter the OpenVPN CA into the Certificate Authority box, both keys and cert can be found here

Step 6

Click the status tab and then click save on the bottom right-hand corner - then hit Start Now - it should now connect you to your VPN and display as below.

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