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The mobile phone is fast becoming the new computer, with powerful new processors and edge-to-edge bezel less displays becoming the norm. With your Android phone, you can stream movies, play games, use online banking, and browse the internet wherever you go. Our treasured phones are getting very secure, but the more we rely on these devices, we open ourselves to the dangers of unsecured internet. More and more data is being processed and if you plan on using Public Wi-Fi or even 4G and 5G connections on your Android phone to connect to apps and services, you'll need to utilize the power of a VPN if you truly want to keep your data and information private from snoopers, ISPs, and corporate entities looking to sell and use your data for profit.

How does TorGuard Secure Android?

TorGuard uses the fastest and strongest protocols to secure your Android phone with military grade encryption. We use IPsec, IKEv2, OpenVPN, Anyconnect/Openconnect protocols alongside an anonymous IP address that make your internet traffic unreadable. You can be sure your data used stays encrypted and private since we have a strict 100% no log policy and you can rely on TorGuard's special invisible Stealth VPN feature to get behind even the strongest firewalls to unblock content. No matter where you are--TorGuard VPN for Android lets you browse and use internet anonymously.

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TorGuard is a REAL VPN

Unlike most other “free” VPNs on the Google Play Store, TorGuard doesn't pull any stops. We fully allow torrenting and P2P activity and we are compatible with every streaming service out there due to our unique dedicated IP addon. Our optimized server network with locations around the world provide fast consistent speeds on every Android device. TorGuard for Android also comes built in with many powerful security settings you can't find elsewhere--like autoconnect features, restricted app usage functions, as well as advanced Network configurations for power users. Say goodbye to Ads, and hello to a REAL VPN.

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Why Choose TorGuard for Android?

TorGuard for Android provides you with unlimited access to the internet with uncapped speeds and plenty of servers to choose from for as low as $4.99 a month.without restrictions.

If you love your Android phone, but also use your PC, no problem. TorGuard is completely multi-platform with consistently updated apps for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and we even have proxy browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Leave your questions to the pros. TorGuard's award winning customer service team operates 24/7 around the clock to support all time zones.

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