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Apple products are some of the most polished and secure phones in the world. Each year, we see new innovations, hardware improvements, and more apps on the app store. These improvements mean more people are using websites as well as apps and services on the go all while being connected to the internet. While mobile usability and internet connectivity is expanding, data also continues to grow. If you want to secure your data, keep your passwords, photos, and information private on your iPhone--you’ll undoubtedly need a VPN like TorGuard.

Why use TorGuard VPN for iPhone?

iPhone hardware security is great, but connecting to public unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots is another story entirely. When you connect to the internet on your phone at places like Starbucks, airports, internet cafes, libraries or any other place that has free public Wi-Fi you are connecting to a hotspot which has no security and no responsibility to keep your data private. This means that while using public Wi-Fi, anyone with a basic knowledge of packet sniffers can steal your passwords and information very easily from your iPhone.

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How does TorGuard Protect your iPhone?

TorGuard gives you the power to encrypt your internet traffic which makes it unreadable and secure to any snoopers. While using TorGuard VPN on your iPhone, all of the outgoing data from internet connected apps is sealed by VPN encryption. TorGuard gives the option of choosing from the fastest and strongest protocols like IPsec, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and Anyconnect/Openconnect. Not only can you stay secure while on the go, but you can also use TorGuard on your iPhone to access unblocked websites even with strict firewalls present. Enjoy YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and streaming services with TorGuard VPN for iPhone.

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What makes TorGuard for iPhone so "special"?

Unlike most other free mobile VPNs on the app store, TorGuard doesn’t keep your user data or “log” it. We never store user information based on how you use the internet. We keep your privacy and security confidential and private. Additionally, we don’t have any bandwidth, server, or any other restrictions.

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Why Choose TorGuard?

TorGuard gives you unlimited speeds and bandwidth for your iPhone. You can torrent, download apps, stream, game, and browser the internet securely with encryption without restrictions.

TorGuard's advanced Stealth VPN services let you bypass even the strictest firewalls on your iPhone. Whether you're at work, school, or in a censored country, you can be sure that TorGuard’s Stealth VPN feature will let you access the internet uncensored.

With over 3000+ Servers in 55+ Countries and more every year, TorGuard’s servers will give you fast speeds and consistent connections.

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